Thursday, April 18, 2013

Being away from cycling

To all cycling buddies, i've been away for a very long time, hopefully by Jun-July i manage to start riding again. With the tummy growing wider and legs going soft....i tell myself to ride again when everything settle down.

So i guess i will be writing again soon. See ya all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

OCBC Malaysia Ride 2011 Completed!

Despite the controversial issues by the organiser stopping the "The Challenge Ride 52km" at 8.25am due to heavy traffic. I managed to complete the 5 laps ride at 1hour 46mins and 27seconds.

It was a great ride and riding in KL closed roads is something special. You cant easily ride in KL main roads without such organisation. Anyway, it was like a race then it suppose to be a casual ride as lots of cyclist is speeding their way to complete the course.

Well, Sam in 43 placing overall and i'm at 345 placing out of 630 completed riders. More than 1000 riders did not complete their full 5 laps course as the traffic is getting heavier especially Chow Kit area.

Kwong Yew were ahead of me but officially he miss count for another lap that he suppose to ride so he finish at 1hour 34mins for 4 laps only.

Kong Hing complete his ride at 1hour 43mins for 4 laps due to the organiser cutting short the ride.

Yong and his girlfriend finish their ride too at 1hour 40mins for 3 laps before being force to stop too.

OCBC Malaysia Ride 2011 completed!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

OCBC Ride 2011

Anyone joining this year ride?

YES, 6 riders confirmed.

a. Ting Kong Hing
b. Sam Tien Hoong
c. Ho Kwong Yew
d. Albert Toh
e. Yong Yee Wan
f. Molly Rayappen

All ready to go....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cameron Highlands Conquer Again!

its been more than a year since i wrote my cameron highlands climb stories. Looks like this time i did it again! More than 1 hour quickier...

15 September 2011 - a day before Malaysia Day

As usual, a last minute decision had being made between Yong, Sam(the come back - more stories about him), Kwong Yew, Kong Hing, Ah Choii & Kumar. Everyone is eager to climb this long Category 1 climb.

Just before the night fall, i receive 2 news from Kumar & Kwong Yew that will not able to join this year ride due to some house work commitment. You know lar, wife not around - the man will be the housewife.

Looks like I, Yong, Sam, Ah Choii and Kong Hing will be conquering this Cameron Highlands climb tomorrow. Hopefully i made it. (there is lots of worries in my mind)

16 September 2011 - Malaysia Day

Happy Malaysia Day a wish to all Malaysian that are celebrating it.

So as early as 4.00am, i wake up and gear up all my biking stuff. Yong arrive at 4.30am and we assemble to rack on his car. Sam arrive 10mins later and before 5am, we make our move to KFC. (for breakfast? no...)

Ah Choii were waiting for us and Kong Hing no where to be seen (probably decided not to join last minute). After a short chit-chat, we travel to Simpang Pulai, Ipoh where the pain begins. We stop at Tronoh petrol kiosk to get some chocolate bar (replacing true PowerBar). We decided to have a breakfast here instead in Simpang Pulai.

We have a good laugh while having our breakfast without knowing the time already at 6.20am. We quickly continue our journey and reach Simpang Pulai mamak stall at around 7am. We were surprise seeing lots of other rider were already there to ride to Cameron as well. There is UCI group, Batu Gajah group and a bunch of touring guys.

After a quick change, 4 set of tires begin to burn the road. We stop by at Petronas petrol kiosk to remove some excessive weight (bathroom..hehe). It was 7.30am and there are already other riders passing here i am, together with Yong, Sam & Ah Choii will be tackling this category 1 climb for 5 hours (as i expected).

Getting burn by the hot sun, to suffer muscle pain, neck & shoulder sore only for one and only achievement, to reach the top of Cameron Highlands.

More on riding stories ahead! Be right back...

Missing in Action

Sorry to all of you that never stop visiting my blog. Being missing in action from cycling for almost a year now due to my current work commitment. Fron now onwards...i'm back into writing blog. Hopefully it stays.

Cameron highlands climb stories ahead, stay tuned!

CFAL 3rd edition miss out

Looks like i miss out this year CFAL 3rd edition in Penang Island due to work commitment. Will be joining you guys in the 4th edition next year!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bike's Corner

check out my bike's corner...(at a corner of my current shop)...hehehe...